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Audible is the the world's largest audiobook service. Many users subscribe to an Audible Premium plan, which gives you credits that can be redeemed for audiobooks. New users often don't realize that these credits expire after 1 year!

The ethics of this credit scheme are certainly debatable, but it struck me as an opportunity. Every month, thousands of Audible users have expiring credits that often never get used. What if there were an easy way to use those expiring credits to send audiobooks to other people? Well, that's exactly what Audiobook Wish plans to provide!

When you sign up for an Audiobook Wish account, you can offer to donate your expiring credits or build a wishlist of audiobooks you're interested in. Once a month, the site will email registered donors with some suggested matches for audiobooks they could gift to other people. If a donor chooses to make a gift, the site will provide the contact info of the recipient and the donor will send the audiobook through Audible's "Give as a gift" feature. A few minutes later, the recipient will receive an email from Audible with instructions for accessing their gift audiobook. It's a win-win!


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5 years

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